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Calf_2_smallerGet involved to help build and share a sense of pride in dairy products and dairy farming. This in turn will help the industry to promote a positive and professional image through consumer-facing activities.

Regardless of your role within the industry, and whatever your reasons to be proud of dairy, we want to hear from you. And by making a pledge, you help support our industrywide key messages:

  • We produce the delicious foods that millions of us enjoy every day
  • Dairy is important to the economy
  • The dairy industry cares for the environment
  • The health and welfare of our cows is our farmers' number one priority
  • We embrace the diversity of farms and farmers
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Our most recent pledge:

Proud of Dairy
R. Hall:
"I am grateful of the hard and caring work the UK farmers do. Please keep dairy farms in the fields of the UK."

Tue 22 Jan 2013 - 10:59:44

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