The British Stiff Upper Lip?

Amanda Ball, Head of Marketing & Communications, DairyCo


When asked what you would like to see DairyCo doing more of, the message comes through loud and clear - improve the public’s perception of dairy farming.

With the day-to-day pressures of work it can be easy to lose sight of the valuable contribution our industry makes to the British way of life.

You are collectively responsible for producing tasty, nutritious and environmentally friendly dairy products enjoyed by millions every day and our industry contributes billions of pounds to the economy.  

You might ask why am I telling you this, aren’t I just preaching to the converted and “why don’t we just get on and educate the general public”?

Well, we do and we are, but it is not quite that simple.

First and foremost, when we come into contact with the public we need to be consistent and steadfast in standing behind our key messages. For example the diversity of dairy farming systems in Britain is to be embraced and something we can all be proud of.

We all eat, sleep and drink dairy, but other than through their daily pinta, piece of cheese, or pot of yogurt the average consumer does not.

Through levy funded proactive consumer P R work, including, we take positive, often complex topics about dairy farming and turn them into more simple appealing stories aiming for coverage in national and regional news. Generating stories likely to spark interest amongst journalists and getting coverage is challenging.  When we get lucky, you can read about it by subscribing through to our ‘ Moosflash’.   

DairyCo are also here to help you spread the good word in your local community.  If that isn’t your bag, there are others things you can do.  Improvements in business performance, animal health and welfare and environmental practices, in turn gives DairyCo more ammunition to promote the positives.

Consumer ‘campaign’ activity is vital to win hearts and minds, but alongside that we need our own industry campaign to demonstrate to each other our sense of common purpose. Any divide makes the image management work DairyCo undertakes less authentic. At the Dairy Event and Livestock Show, DairyCo, Dairy UK and others are reseeding the industry facing initiative, ‘Proud of Dairy’. Look out for the black and white ‘Proud of Dairy’ logo to spot the early campaign supporters and to find out how you can get involved.


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